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Formax FD 90 Rotary Perforator / Creaser • Kelley Connect Skip to main content

Formax FD 90 Rotary Perforator / Creaser

Formax FD 90 Rotary Perforator / Creaser


The FD 90 Rotary Perforator/Creaser is specially designed for finishing printed sheets, up to 13.8" x 19". Its three-tire friction feeding system reliably feeds up to 6,800 sheets per hour, and can create up to 5 parallel perforations and/or creases in a single pass. Perforating allows for easy separation of multiple printouts, tear-offs, postcards or tickets on a single sheet, while creasing allows for easy folding and reduces unsightly cracking in digital printouts.

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Part #: FD90

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